Matt grew up in Palm Beach County, FL.  Living just minutes from the beach.  He spent much of his time growing up in and around the beaches.  He developed a passion for the Ocean and mother nature and devoted time every week to cleaning-up local beaches.  He also spent a lot of time hiking and mountain biking through the woods and swamps of South Florida, further immersing himself in all the beauty nature has to offer.  

     In 2008 He moved to Central Florida to become a Paramedic/Firefighter.  He served the Orange County for 6 years before moving on to be a nurse.  As a nurse he has worked in the Emergency Room, Trauma Centers, and CVICU taking care of critically ill and injured patients.

     Though his experiences in westernized medicine, Matt began to investigate natural treatments for the multitude of ailments faced by his patients.  He knew the must be something better than the multiple prescription medications so many people are taking today.  One such supplement he found was CBD.  

     His initial experience with CBD was for the treatment of severe separation anxiety for his dog.  With the amazingly positive results achieved by his dog, Matt began taking CBD himself.  Within a month, his aches-and-pains had subsided, his gut health improved, and his mood was consistently more positive.

     The one Issue he faced was, most CBD products he found were either incredibly expensive, or unverified and untested.  He, with his business partner Ryan, set out to produce a product that met all the necessary quality they wanted to both take the products themselves, and to be able to recommend to friends, family, and patients.

     With this, Lake and Lassen Hemp Co. was born. This was the solution to obtaining the perfect product; create it.  Using industrial hemp that is grown domestically, using sustainable farming practices.  Extraction using CO2 extraction, so no solvents are ever used.  Processing and packaging in an FDA certified facility. 3rd party testing to guarantee quality.  Finally, no artificial additives, any flavorings or stabilizers had to be completely natural also.