Do You Know the Quality of Your CBD?

CBD oil in jar
CBD oil in jar
A cannabis leaf and a bottle of hemp oil on a wooden table

Over the last year, Lake+Lassen has conducted extensive research into the CBD market place. We have been surprised by the amount of variation and inconsistency between providers of CBD. We have noticed these in dosage, price point, and most importantly, quality. Lake+Lassen has gone to great lengths to provide our customers with the highest quality product at a price that is affordable. We have done the research so that you don’t have to. We are confident that you won’t find any better quality product out there. This is something you’re putting in your body, and is influencing your health. You deserve nothing but the best.

Something we pride ourselves in at Lake+Lassen is our transparency and ability to educate our consumers. If you ever have an questions about our products, or CBD in general, shoot us an e-Mail or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help. There are other companies out there take many of the same steps we do, and also provide a top quality product, there are also, however, many scams, frauds, and companies providing poor and possibly unsafe products in an effort to exploit this new and exciting product before consumer awareness and education is widespread.


CBD Buying Tips

We have compiled some tips and things to look out for to help navigate you through the landscape of CBD products.



Please, look into these products before you make any purchase. Any company should be able to tell you where the product is grown, process, and bottled. We urge you to only purchase CBD Oil that is grown in the USA. This is because there are constant probes with CBD coming from Europe and China being contaminated and very low quality.

Customers should only purchase CBD from organically grown Hemp. Hemp readily draws up anything that is in the soil and water supply where it is grown. This includes heavy metals, fertilizers, ad pesticides. I think it’s safe to say no one wants to purposely put any of those things into their body willingly.

Full or Broad spectrum will always be a superior product when compared to one that is made with CBD isolate. This is because cannabinoids work in what is called “the entourage effect”. All of the cannabinoids found in cannabis work synergistically together to create an overall more functional delivery. While CBD alone is better than nothing at all, full spectrum will be more effective every time.

While it would be much cheaper for us at purchase a palate of CBD isolate and dilute it, bottle it, and package it in our kitchens or garages, (yes there are many companies out there doing this) that clearly wouldn’t coincide with our goal to provide you with the highest quality product on the market. At Lake+Lassen, we know exactly where each plant was grown, the water source it was irrigated with, and the FDA approved facility where it was processed and packed. All of our plants are grown organically, and if you have any questions about the process our plants take to become the product we provide, please feel free to call us or shoot us an e-mail.



Customers need to make sure every product they purchase has been tested by a 3rd party for quality and purity. Because CBD is so new, as well as being a supplement, there are unfortunately are no set standards of quality. Any reputable brand will have their CBD tested by a third party.

Make sure the COA, or lab test report is for the company and product you are purchasing. Don’t accept a report “from their supplier” or “from the farmer”. We could download a report from anywhere on the internet and claim that it is representative of our product, but on our lab reports (as should everyone else’s) it clearly states the product as well as provides a photo of it. At Lake+Lassen, we test for EVERYTHING, including pesticides, fungus and bacteria, cannabinoid profiles, heavy metals, as well as terpene profiles.



Does a company require you to sign up for a membership and pre-pay every month to receive a product? Yes, they’re out there and more common than you think. These generally provide a sub-par product and stick you with multiple months of shipments you don’t want due to extended cancelation times. This is their way of forcing your “repeat” business.

While Lake+Lassen is actually working on being able to provide a “subscription” service where we can automatically send you out your selected products on a timeline you select and at a discounted price, this will be in addition to our normal retail system as a way to save you time and money. With us, charges won’t be made until we are preparing to send out your order and you will always have the opportunity to pause or cancel a subscription at any time. Even after the credit card is charged, we’ll pull your order and refund your payment as long as the product hasn’t made it to the post office.

FREE CBD! Don’t fall for that one either. These generally secretly sign you up for a subscription using the credit card you supply to pay for shipping, or they charge you $15 for shipping. They then send you a bottle of hemp seed oil, which while it may contain a small amount of CBD, it will be a product worth less than the price you paid for shipping. Watch out for those offers for super low priced CBD also, make sure you are getting more than just a few mg of CBD mixed in with a bunch of dilatant.



Does the seller ask you to send them a check, money order, or cash to pay for a product? Face-to-face purchases where, a product is received when you pay, are the only time you should use cash. There is absolutely no protection for you with these forms of payment if the seller doesn’t hold up their end and send you what you ordered.

Many companies are also staying away from credit card processing due to the price. If a company is not accepting credit cards, ask yourself why. Is the company putting profits over their customers, or have credit card processers refused to work with them?

Here at Lake+Lassen, we want you to have the piece of mind and protection you deserve. We also want to make the buying process as simple and convenient for you as possible. In order to do this, we accept all major credit cards.



If you have tried CBD before and had no relief or benefit, try another product. You may have just been using an inferior product. The source and quality of the product directly affects it’s effectiveness. Make sure ou follow the steps outlined above to ensure you are getting a truly high quality product. We would love for you to try ours

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